Our Story

Coffee Plant

Our family originated from the coffee belt, the coffee growing region of Batangas, Philippines. The Liberica beans are native to the region, nicknamed ‘Baraco’. The Baraco name was so famous, that it extended the nickname for the tough characters of the people of the Batangas province. We are passionately proud to be called Baraco from Batangas.

With this passion ‘brewing’ in our blood, we are continuing the coffee tradition of our ancestors.

Coffee brings people together. Great minds sharing their stories, concocting great inventions, masterpieces, and revolutions. Coffee is the fuel for invention in human history, from commerce to the arts.

As coffee purveyors, we source the best coffee beans from around the world, freshly roasted in small batches each time you order from Tres Angeles.

We then procure the best brewing equipment to extract the unique flavors and characteristics of our coffee beans.

Please join us on our quest to enjoy the best coffee in the world, one cup at a time.