The Barista

The Barista

Part 2 of a Series About Coffee Culture

We continue with our series of ABCoffee! In this episode we begin with the all important barista, bringing out the best flavor of coffee with their brewing techniques.


A barista is a "bar person" in Italian. The profession of the barista has become more important in the coffee world as customers seek their expertise in making more complex and interesting coffee drinks, similar to a sommelier for wine.

The basket in the portafilter holds the coffee for espresso extraction. The size of the basket refers to how many shots you can make, based on the amount of coffee grinds it will hold: single (up to 12g), double (21g), triple (more than 21g).

Coffee brewing methods range from manual to automated, with high-quality coffees tending to be more manual. Sophisticated bean-to-cup machines have applied technological advancements to control the variables necessary to brew a fine cup of coffee.

The bloom is the rapid release of carbon dioxide (CO2) that occurs when water hits fresh-ground coffee. Expelling the negative flavor of carbon dioxide allows the water to access and release the desirable flavors of the coffee. Bloom!


Bolivian coffee is famous for its classic, clean taste, with delicate bright acidity and sweet, aromatic quality with fruity notes of apple, pear, tangerine, lemon and apricot. During the roasting process, caramel and soft chocolate notes may be produced.


The coffee flower is a simple white blossom, wonderfully aromatic, and similar to jasmine. Self-pollinating, bearing fruit, and maturing in nine months to a ripe cherry for harvesting.


Roasters blend several coffees from different plots, farms, countries, or species. Blending different flavor characteristics to produce a consistent, or unique brew, that can overcome the natural seasonality of coffee plants throughout the year. Given the infinite blend possibilities, there's a blend roasting for you! 

Enjoy your next cup!

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